Friday, October 07, 2011

Need To Update My Out Paradin' Music

Of course the instrumental version of Keep on Truckin' by Eddie Kendricks has held me in good stead for many a day when I'm out paradin'. I have bearers holding a portable music device of some sort -- one to hold it and one to pay out the extension cords -- who parade behind me while I truck and truckle with the passersby. I usually have a few extra out front to shove the uncool into the gutter and clear the decks. Of course when I'm in my sedan chair, I simply mount the Realistic speakers to the roof and keep my Onkyo dual cassette deck and a Marantz receiver inside with me, and alternate between a pope wave and a queen wave at the windows, with an occasional "two left hands" Egyptian motion with horizontal head bob thrown in.

But time marches, or parades, on, and I feel I need to refresh my peripatetic shimmy shanty. I'm thinking of swapping over to Uncle Rico music instead:

So unless you guys have a better idea, you best step aside when you hear that Uncle Rico train a'comin'. A woodworker is approaching.


Johnny Glendale said...

Dang! Now I think I gotta go get me a theme song. Heck yes!

Ten Mile Island said...

Here's my steppin' song.

Used it for the open and close of my first sports show, when Oregon State had a basketball program, during the eighties.

This is marching.

(BTW--the Pep Band opened our games with this anthem.)

Dan Patterson said...

A perky blend of 70's porn and Sanford and Son.

Anonymous said...

This is murderously good. And there's a gig flyer in that video with the Bar-Kays on it -- SOUL! FINGER!