Thursday, September 08, 2011

5 Guys Try To Keep Up With Oscar Peterson

I freely admit my brother and I used to refer to Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen as: Neil's House of Pancakes.


Cameron Wood said...

My "go to" DVD for jazz buffs looking for something different is the 1977 recording of Peterson backed by only two guys: Ray Brown and Neils Pedersen.

Pedersen actually has the better night, by a barely discernible margin, which I also have a hard time admitting since Ray Brown otherwise is King of the Mountain in my personal jazz universe.

If you get a chance, get yourself the duet recordings of George Shearing with Brian Torff.

Sorry - any chance I get to talk bass gets me all link-y.

SippicanCottage said...

Hi Cameron- Thanks for reading and commenting and for the vid.

My older brother is a very fine bass player. I am a bass owner.

T.K. Tortch said...

I (try) play jazz, on sax and trumpet (Beboppish on sax, Swingish on trumpet). Seeing folks like Clark Terry rip through the theme that fast without a clam and clearly articulating all the way makes me think I'd be wiser playing gutbucket T-bone.

I played guitar in punk-poppish bands back in the day; always liked jazz but never liked jazz guitar. After playing horn for a while I came back to guitar and somehow had become a better guitarist before I re-started. And began really liking jazz guitar, by way of Tal(madge) Farlow.

setecastronomy1844 said...

As someone who also owns a bass, witnessing musicianship like this always leaves me just awe-struck. What a joy it is to see people who not only take their craft to a new level, but really rewrite the books completely. Thanks for sharing.