Monday, August 22, 2011

A Johnny Burnette Noombah

Imelda May!


misterarthur said...


Jewel said...

Ah loov huh.

John Lien said...

At least we can fool ourselves with fleeting bursts of faux joy while we suffer the inevitable decay of our bodies and civilization.

Oh, sorry. Still reeling from the previous post.

Johnny Glendale said...

Why, I was just shaking the walls Saturday with "Love Tattoo." Hope to see them one of these days.

Thanks for turning us on to Imelda, Sip!

Cameron Wood said...

Ahhhhh. I work at a Barnes & Noble managing what we used to call the Music Department back before that market crashed. The "in-store play" selections are made by tasteless purchasers who get their cues from the equally tasteless merchants of Oprah- and NPR-favorites play lists, but - once in the proverbial blue moon - something surprisingly good sneaks through, as if by accident. (Well, considering how consistently bad the play list is every month, I can say authoritatively that every tasteful selection really is an accident.) Anyway, Imelda May was one of those happy accidents a couple of years ago. She was a joy to listen to every day.

Fun clip, man. Thanks for posting it.

Here's another cat you might like, but I'm sure you've already heard him.

Thud said...

Shes's great but it's pretty hard to replace Paul Burlinson.