Sunday, August 28, 2011

In 1976, A Hungarian Guy Goes Swimming While Wearing A Black Mohair Sweater With Some Actressy Girls He Met Before Boob-Jobs Got Affordable

My goodness. Korda György. You know this guy's a stud. He's got "orgy" hidden right there in his name. Well, örgy, anyway. I've never been to an örgy, but I bet it's even more betterer than a regular one. They have cake, too. They go swimming with cake. Downright Caligulan.

I could try until the sun winked out to match the charm and humor of the Google-translated Wikipedia page for Korda and never approach its sublime touch of madness:
The Drum Street was born out chemical polytechnics. His parents are divorced, grandparents and aunts were raised. He has worked in the Cable Factory, a soldier in Békéscsaba was. Vecsey Ernest , first as an apprentice in 1958 , came into the stage, the success of the first love song to see won. In the sixties, at the beginning of the country's most popular singer. The beat the shift from "traditional" style of dance is not favored, but he was among those who could stay on track. The popularity of retention, increase meant a lot of television and radio also broadcast by song and dance festivals and competitions. A daughter who in 1980 was born. In the eighties he met at the beginning of the vocal singer Klárival Balazs , whom he married shortly. Mutual inspiration for their art fulfillment, Korda is meant for renewal. After several months of touring for almost ten years spent in North America and Australia . Card passion [2] legends are bound, therefore, not surprising that the sports TV broadcast via poker games, sportriportertől unusual empathy, which has been in the spotlight again with one stone.
Korda György


vanderleun said...

It is for the wisdom and the insight and the inevitable increase in transcultural understanding that this site flawlessly provides that I keep coming back.

P.S. Can you please email the long haired brunette from 1976 to my front door? Thanking you in advance.

vanderleun said...

I am sad to say, however, that you missed his famous wife the Hungarian Transexual Balázs Klára

"His life: Singing career in the 1970s began when the periscope, and was a member of the band range, which regularly included music festivals. 1981 was featured in solo dance and popdalfesztiválon . Married Gábor Balázs , the Hungarian Radio, operated Studio 11 Band ( Tolcsvay Trio ), bassist for. The band often came up with György Korda. The "Hello George Korda in" ORI's lake tour was woven of new love, but then the husband no longer lived together. George and Susan Korda Balázs 13 issued a joint album on which "Love you too, if I'm wrong," or "If I do not know can not hurt" in songs are also included. Countless amounts of processing is associated with the worldwide hits names. His merit of "Mamma Maria" on chart success in Hungary, Sziget Festival is the one must-hit appearances. 2000 - In a home is still unknown genre created the "New Millennium Love" album on which he worked in opera hits, mixing pop orchestration. In addition to singing lead is a hotel with her ​​husband, the II. districts in the 21-room Hotel Villa Korda owner. Countless amounts of foreign performances are behind him, which pairs the singer to this day you will receive the invitation."

To receive the photo of Balázs Klára after the operation see:

John Lien said...

Maybe that Iron Curtain thingy wasn't such a bad idea.

SippicanCottage said...

"If Love You Too, If I'm Wrong, I Don't Wanna Be Right..."

I love Luther Ingram!

I love Luther! I love Luthy!

I think that's how Google Translate works.

John Lien said...

Google, you got some splainin to do.

Jewel said...

And I foolishly believed that old commercial that Radio Free Europe used to broadcast in the mid 70s about those poor Hungarians and Romanians secretly listening to the Beatles. Because they yearned for freedom. They had Byöy György. What could be better than that?

Jewel said...

@vanderleun: Did you not notice the pretty brunette fourth in the video lineup named Szücs Judith? Click her. Go ahead. She doesn't szüc all that badly.

Brettonpoint said...

I believe you have stumbled upon one of Russ Meyers earlier attempts at continental flavored G rated porn.