Monday, April 04, 2011

I Have, In The Past, Directed The Activities Of Hundreds Of People At A Time In The Construction Field; But I Now Enjoy The Greatest Benefit Of Working Alone:

No employees demanding to listen to "Wolfmother" at flight-deck volume while they work.

A twenty foot (!) capacity lathe. Dude's hardcore with the parting tool, too.


Sixty Grit said...

I turn almost every day. I don't do much spindle work, and am not very good at it, because I don't do it much.

I like the story stick, the preset calipers, his ability to turn so well that not much sanding is required (a local chair maker can do that, too - drives me crazy!), but I was taught never to move the too rest when the work is moving. Clearly, he can do it, but dang, that is not something I ever want to get comfortable with.

Thanks for posting (arg!) that vid. The end results are remarkable.

Oh yeah, the last project I spindle turned was a set of 4 legs. It was such a torment that I outsourced the most recent ones. But that's a story for another day...

peter hoh said...

Nice. I am reminded of the big lathe in this video (the lathe appears at 4:08).

MC said...

I'm deeply envious of his skill, as well as that rather beautiful piece of timber, but the idea of tackling a spindle that size from the off with a roughing gouge makes my blood run cold. I'll stick to bowl turning.

Anonymous said...

No question. I'd end up with a 14 foot long toothpick.