Thursday, April 28, 2011

I have a headache that could pull a bus.

There is still a little snowbank across the street.

I did not have to rise before dawn yesterday to make a fire, for the first time this year.

I still rose before dawn.

There is a dead skunk in the middle of the road, stinkin' to high heaven.

My wife and I are sad for the dead skunk, for he was jolly and waddled through the yard and gave no offense.

A window is open for the first time this year.


There is a battered and rusted farm-ish ventilator installed at the crown of my roof, and it shrieks as it spins when the wind blows hard, but sounds like a calliope sometimes.

I can't get at the ventilator with any ladders and staging I possess.

If my neighbors didn't like me, they'd kill me over the ventilator.

Momo the cat sat on one mole while he killed another in Lloyd's yard.

There is a 175 foot drainage pipe that goes under the street out front and travels beneath a good portion of my yard, then ends in the rear of my house in the rock garden, and the neighborhood cats, including mine, use it for a subway.


There is a hardwood tree some call a linden outside my window; it grows like a weed and looks sturdy enough, but you can cut a branch off it the thickness of your wrist using only a nippers.

A neighbor lady lectured me about various species of wood the other day in a neighborly way, and I found it amusing and pleasant.

If she had known what she was talking about it wouldn't have been nearly as pleasant.



julie said...

It's log, log, log!

(sorry, couldn't resist :)

misterarthur said...

Me, neither:

Sixty Grit said...

Linden is known as basswood to carvers. It is much prized.

My new house has a drainage pipe that goes under the road - the cat that lives across the street uses it for safe transit.

My dogs are going to go crazy over the groundhogs in the backyard - they have never seen such things before - like squirrels on steroids. I hope to avoid any vet bills related to dog/gh incidents.

Knucklehead said...

What kind of dogs have you got? Groundhogs aren't very tough and a fair size dog should be able to grab hold, shake hard, drop the carcass. Useful critters those dogs.

But I have to say, there ain't much more useful than a cat what kills moles. I'd love one of those.

Sixty Grit said...

I have a 50 pound Border Collie mix who would probably prefer to keep the groundhogs herded up and headed in the right direction. My other dog is an old chocolate Lab mix who wants to kill everything he sees - he is about 45 pounds, and has a history of biting things - small dogs that fling themselves into his mouth when we are out walking, rabbits, that sort of thing. I was concerned that the varmint might be able to get a lick or two in before my dogs are able to subdue it - I'll let you know how it turns out.

My cats used to go outside and would catch moles but not kill them. They were too well fed, I reckon. With luck they will remain indoor cats and the dogs will encourage the moles to stay out of the yard.

lorraine said...

My M-I-L's neighbor would wonder why the mole trap was sprung but there wasn't a mole to be found. One full moon night grandma was out enjoying a spring late night smoke and watched as the cat sat and waited - staring at a spot - snap!! Dinner ready. The secrete is to keep cats around with cream and tiny bit of kibble and they will hunt for real meat. Works better in the country where overly kind neighbors don't spoil things by feeding your cats if you don't.

Great read.

Sam L. said...

Gotta love your neighbors (with wifely approval, of course).

Gringo said...

The stories, the stories.

I'll just borrow in and keep listening,

Seppo said...

Yep, that describes linden all right. I have one on the corner of the Seppofarm, it also drops limbs at the slightest provocation.

My aging Shorthair is slowing down in the groundhog department, last year he only got forty one, the first year he's dropped below fifty of the critters in a season.

When he was young the first one of the season on a cold March day nipped him pretty good, it took a few stitches to put him back together. But he learned to stay aggressive, and it hasn't happened since. There's way too many groundhogs about, tearing up the hayfields and getting under the sheds.