Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Great Moments In Hammond Organ: Ronnie Earl And The Broadcasters

1996 on German television. You know the Germans always make good stuff. Ronnie Earl.


Tom Francis said...

Whoof...two of the great sounds of American music - the Hammond B3 with Leslie and the Fender Stratocaster.

What is interesting about this video is that the B3, as a drawbar organ, has that very "unique" sound that has never been duplicated even with digital sampling with synthesizers.

Same with the Fender Strat. He's playing a Classic which has the single pole pickups with the high G magnet stagger - that's what produces that slightly distorted yet bright, sharp sound off the neck pickup.

The combination of the two is just terrific. That's a great video - thanks for posting it.

Here's an interesting piece of trivia you may not(or maybe do)know. The Fender Stratocaster body has been studied by engineering schools as one of the best ergonomic designs ever developed. Freddie Tavarez, a slide guitar player of all things, was the guy who developed the design off of suggestions solicited from other guitar players by Leo Fender.

You can compare my vintage Strat with my new American Classic Strat and see absolutely no difference.

Amazing design.

SippicanCottage said...

Hi Tom- Thanks for reading and commenting.

We're Fender people here at the cottage, and drive Fords. Chevy people play Les Pauls, I think.

Tom Francis said...

Oddly, I'm a Fender player and I also have driven Fords my entire life.

And my last name is Francis.

Must be the F's.