Monday, March 28, 2011

Tip From An Old Pro: If You're Going To Have A Camera Pointed At You, Learn The Words

Jolly version of one of the jolliest songs ever written:

The Rock and Worship Roadshow 2011


Casey Klahn said...


Freaking "Hoooow."

William Cook said...

Right but it doesn't rise to the level of an Aguilera moment. Or was she the old pro with the big old tips? Hey Casey was that a mustache malfunction?

Casey Klahn said...

I saw the mustache malfunction, but I liked that part, Bill.

Gringo said...

'Twas fun.

Jim - PRS said...

Clever idea. I la-la-la-la-liked it.

Sam L. said...

There were words missing? Mistakes?

Musta missed 'em.