Sunday, March 27, 2011

Did Bugs Bunny Wreck This, Or Fix It? You Decide

Felix Mendelssohn's Spring Song

Man I need some Spring. It's a long road that has no turning.


Glynn said...

Did he wreck or fix it? Both, I think.

julie said...

It's a tough call. Then again, were it not for Bugs, most of us wouldn't know the piece at all. He may have wrecked it a bit, but he also made it live in the minds of at least a couple generations of people who would probably never have heard it otherwise.

Sam L. said...

C'MON, man, give us Bugs, too. Turkey bloggers. Sheeeesh, watta grouch I am.

Anonymous said...

Sadly it appears someone else wrecked it; no longer available to view.

Gringo said...

As Julie points out, Bugs brought the song to tens of millions who otherwise would not have known the song. I see nothing wrong with bringing music out of the concert hall into real life. Good for Bugs.

While some may consider it bad that Bugs parodies the song, it is my opinion that if you do not love what it being parodied, you will not like the parody.

I never liked Westerns, perhaps because Westerns did not accurately describe my cattle-rasing and cowboy boots-wearing relatives out West, so Blazing Saddles was not a hit with me.

Bach has made it into various hit songs over the years. His music can thrive under a wide variety of orchestrations.