Friday, March 25, 2011

Coffee Wasn't Strong Enough To Defend Itself


William Cook said...

I've been using that line for years. Thanks for reminding me where I got it. Recently I can't get enough Tom Waits. I havwe links to his stuff. Highly recommend reading through the recent interview at:

Guys a genius.

lorraine said...

I too have Tom Waits in my rotation. My girlfriend is his first cousin and I went to her fathers memorial service because it probably would be the only time I would ever see him sing live. He was sooo good. His voice is really rough when he sings on other stuff but live at this it wasn't as bad really sweet. He is quite odd however and several at the service asked me if there was "something wrong" with him. My reply? "No, he is just a genuis". Thx for posting.

SippicanCottage said...

Hi William- Thanks for reading and commenting.

Hi Lorraine- Always lovely to see your name in the comments.

misterarthur said...

My favorite Tom Waits song/era. Did you ever see his press conference video?