Monday, March 07, 2011

Ballad Of A Thin Man

You have many contacts
Among the lumberjacks...

We went this week and sat in the audience. He's only fifteen years old.


Anonymous said...

Everybody starts with a Miller Light sign at their back.

That's way cool.

I can remember being so overheated after three sets in the Mississippi Delta, we made the Bud guy open the keg trailers and we sat on frosty kegs, not saying a word to each other, as the steam rose off our backs.

I think we made a couple hundred a piece for that 12 hour evening.

Wouldn't trade the memory for all the tea in China.


Sam L. said...

My first thought--couldn't get the Spare in the gig, huh? OK, it's a solo for the Heir, and likely not a Spare-friendly environment.

John Lien said...

Good job, Heir! That was a complex song to perform. I respect a man who can get in front of a group and play. I've been playing guitar for a couple of years but will invariably flub up a tune if a cat walks into the empty room.

Thud said...

Well done that boy/man!

Golden West said...

It looks like he doesn't just play the music but feels it, too. Utterly charming.