Friday, March 04, 2011

Albert King On Steroids, And Several Other Substances

Man, Night Music was a cool TV show.


Gagdad Bob said...

I don't think I've ever seen anyone for whom the guitar is such an immediate extension of their body. And soul.

Oh, and he was actually clean and sober by this time. Blues au naturel.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Omar and Hiram Bullock in the house band and I can't remember that show for the life of me. I was a huge Steve Jordan/Hiram Bullock fan back in the Letterman days.

I didn't even recognize Marcus Miller till I followed the link.

Well, now that I see the dates, I actually do know why I don't remember the show, but there's no need to dredge that bong resin, now is there?

Jewel said...

The finest blues guitarist ever, in my crumpled opinion.

SippicanCottage said...

Bob, I do believe you're correct on the sober point. He was a lot better, and nicer, when sober.

Hi Andy- SRV had fine bands, but that bunch was way better than anyone he played with.

Jewel- He may be the greatest blues guitarist ever, but paradoxically his brother is better.

Seppo said...

I missed that show, I guess you had to have a TV to view it, huh?

SRV was a classic extrovert, bluesy performer with a good mix of voice, songs, guitar, and persona. But I agree that Jimmy has the taste and chops to be the superior guitarist.

Just like Roy Buchanan in a way, he was more of an introvert, couldn't sing worth a hoot, or project or lead a band, but boy could he do guitar magic like no other. Mostly it was in service to the song, though sometimes he did noodle.

I still get more out of listening to players like Jimmy and Roy than I do from Stevie Ray and some others who share a bit of his tremendous talent and charisma.

Then again, I always thought JJ Cale's licks were more thrilling than Clapton's covers of Cale's songs.