Monday, January 31, 2011

There Is A Place Where The Sidewalk Ends

Journalists have entirely abdicated their responsibilities. No one gathers information with any desire to edify the public anymore. They wish to put forth an opinion, usually a very crabby and ill-informed one, and only look out the window for accomplices.

The ease of recording and disseminating video, sound, and pictures by the general public, to the general public, has blown up their crabby fiefdoms, and they don't like it. If they did their jobs, it would be superfluous.

There is nothing as useful to sensible people as a dedicated person that goes places, interesting and mundane alike, and painstakingly records what they see. Sometimes, it takes some nerve. These people have nerve. In 2008, They got on a train in Vienna, and rode it all the way to the capital of North Korea, and then walked around. If you've got a half-hour or so, you can learn more from it than four hundred pounds of New York Times.

The Forbidden Railway


Jewel said...

Don't give up on the mainstream, yet, brother Sip. I have found some of the bravest and most insightful reportage here:

And you'll agree with me, or else.

Jewel said...

I think Brer Gerard may have posted a video on a couple of enterprising men who lied their way into NK and took extensive video of a whole lotta. It's in 8 parts. If I remember it before the man does, I will post a link, here.

OregonGuy said...

Imagine if Busby Berkeley had had the resources of this mad man.