Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Mr. Smith Might Go To Washington, But Mr. Patel Goes To London

Some inquisitive bloke has mapped the city of London by the frequency of surnames, and produced a nifty interactive web doogizmo to see who's who, where. If you move the slider at the top left, you can see the map with the first to fifteenth most common name for the areas displayed.

I know a lawyer that does nothing but get permits and arrange financing for motels, gas stations, and convenience stores in New England. He has a big, rubber stamp that reads Patel, too, to save time filling out forms.

London Surnames


Thud said...

Lucky London....well maybe not as having been there quite often in the past I wouldn't wish the place on anyone.

Ruth Anne Adams said...

I have friends who are from India. [They met at Indiana University, but that's another story.] They told me that the expression in India is 'Keeping up with the Patels.'

SippicanCottage said...

Interfriend extraordinaire RAA in da house.