Sunday, January 23, 2011

Hey, It's Django's Birthday!

Born this day in 1910. 1910? My house is older than Django. He should still be touring. My house is still moving. I hear it late at night.


John henry said...

And he does it all missing the use of a couple of fingers.

I love Django!

Thanks for posting

John Henry

Seppo said...

Well, they were all smokers, no wonder none of them lived to 120. Thanks for the video link!

Mother Effingby said...

When I read the title of the song, I was expecting Michel Legrand's version of the song.

Damn, but this guy plays just like my pa.

Gringo said...

I heard Stefan Grappelli in concert when he was in his mid 80s. That was one of the best concerts I ever attended. He could cook.

Rob De Witt said...

Lovely stuff for the morning, and thank you for putting it up - and btw, I hope you and yours survived the winter last night without any ugliness.

Just a thought....

Django remains, in my estimation, the nonesuch, and was certainly unimagined at the time of his advent on the scene. His music remains a seminal influence on the course of the art.

What aspiring guitar heroes almost universally miss is that he wasn't playing hot licks, nor is his astonishing technique the issue. Rather what you hear is a genius composing music on the spot, music previously unheard by even Django himself. Hearing him is to me the precise equivalent of hearing J.S Bach improvise.

And Jewel,

My God, your father plays like that? Whew.