Monday, January 17, 2011

Diknu Schneeberger. Gesundheit

Bonus Mission Impossible theme amidst all the Djangojinglejangle.

Half the audience should be maimed.

Diknu Schneeberger

(Reader Dan Difino thought I'd like Diknu. He was right. It worries me that all my clothes are older than Diknu)


julie said...

Re. the audience, holy crap - who does that?!? Beyond rude.

These guys were smokin'. If I had to leave early (like, there was an emergency such as my pants were literally on fire just that moment), I would have slunk out of there as unobtrusively as possible, my face flaming not because of the actual flames but the embarrassment of causing a disruption. What was so important they couldn't wait a minute for the piece to finish?

Sorry; I just can't stand the rudeness. Shutting up now. Thanks for sharing.

Seppo said...

Thanks for posting this on Diknu's birthday, he turned twenty one today. That is his father Joschi Schneeburger on the bass and his guitar teacher Martin Spitzer on rhythm guitar.

He's obviously influenced by Stochelo Rosenberg of the Rosenberg Trio, the top gypsy combo carrying on the Django tradition. Search out their videos as well, Stochelo is an amazing player. Diknu is quite good for his age.

As for the audience here, well, you get your gigs where you can.

Seppo said...

That's Papa Joschi Schneeberger, not Schneeburger, I'm not really an idiot, just a bad typist.

SippicanCottage said...

Hi Julie- It's sort of a beer garden, likely to have people coming and going, but honestly, what a buncha Philistines.

Hi Seppo- Happy birthday to Diknu. He plays wonderfully. His dad must be very proud of him. The young fellow playing on yesterday's blogpost has a bass playing father, too. Look how much better he got in just a year.