Monday, January 10, 2011

After This, They Have A Wet Dirndl Contest, And Chug Buttermilk Until They Ralph


Anonymous said...

I live in a cotton farming area in central Arizona. When I was young, we used to "canal" ski, by being pulled by a truck up on the bank. It looked kind of like that.

Leslie in Az

misterarthur said...

If the skier had crashed into the street sign, you could've double posted this to The Borderline Sociopathic Blog for Boys.

Dan D said...

People who don't live in Amish country have no idea how many creative ways they think of to have fun. Anabaptists are not Puritans, you know.

Marie said...

Puritans are/were also a fun-loving, feasting, even drinking and smoking people.

"Puritan" refers to their desire for purity in the worship service.

They are constantly described as dour and unhappy, a completely false assertion.

Mother Effingby said...

A big Amish farm is close to our house. Everyday, they come by in the buggy, or they ride a scooter or a bike....even skates. Nothing, not the weather keeps them down. On a particularly hot day, the teens got in their buggy to head back to the farm after swimming, and the most obnoxious noise poured forth from their buggy: Rap music. They had a battery operated boombox in the buggy with them, and all manner of filth and obscenities were screaming out. I laughed and though I'd seen everything when I saw a boombuggy.