Monday, December 20, 2010

Can I Get A Witness?

I dint know Van Morrison from a hole in the wall though he lived downa street for a spell and saw the same sunrise on the Mystic -- but me, I just saw a dead dog float by and he was gone by then anyway; way later I spotted his face over and over like a hostage taken on the label in the bin I remember it was only a buck save a penny at the building nineteen and three quarters and that needle left an electrifying little wake on the platter like a boat in the fog or a dead dog on the Mystic. There's a song or a poem or a story like a Greek with a lyre would tell in there somewheres but he took it already.

So glad to see you
So glad you're here
Come here beside me now
We can clean inhibition away
All inhibitions
Throw them away
And when we dance like this
Like we've never been dancin' before

Oh, they were swingin'
Down at kingdom hall
Oh, bells were ringin'
Down at the kingdom hall
Oh choir was singin'
Down at the kingdom hall
Hey, liley, liley, liley
Hey, liley, liley, lo

Good body music
Brings you right here
Free flowin' motion now
When we're shakin' it out on the floor
Good rockin' music
Down in your shoes
And when we dance like this
Like we've never been dancin' before


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SippicanCottage said...

Van plays the saxamaphone with his face even when he ain't got a saxamaphone.