Saturday, October 30, 2010

It's Just Barbershop Quartet With An Extra Guy. And A Saturn V Is Just A Bottle Rocket

The Detroit Spinners. Written by Stevie Wonder and Syreeta Wright, and it shows.


Gagdad Bob said...

I think I might have linked to this before -- just the Sons of Mr. & Mrs. Funk, with the lead vocal stripped. I love the way the two guitars (or are there three?) don't compete at all, but augment one another. Jamerson is isolated at about 2'10, but the audio range on You Tube isn't really deep enough to convey the Power and Glory.

SippicanCottage said...

Why, yes, I still owe you a favor for linking to that.

It's thrilling to hear real instruments being played properly. It's gotten that simple, and that weird, in pop music now.

I like Kraftwerk, but then again, they're more human sounding than Lady Gaga.