Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Coulda Been A Great Band With A Real Bass Player Instead Of Someone's Girlfriend


Rob De Witt said...

Hey, man, ya made it. Good to see ya.

Is this....Heaven?


Can we play music here?

Oh, yeah, there's jam sessions every night. Ellington, Basie, Django Reinhardt, Elvis, Jimmy Hendricks, everybody's here.

Wow, that's great! This is perfect.


What's wrong?

God knows this chick singer....

dick said...

Where in the world did hey find that suit!! Just WOW!!

Mike said...

The drummer's wife, if I remember correctly.

But you know that.

Great movie, I put it on at parties.

Alan G said...

Man - You can't diss Tina Weymouth!

I love "Stop Making Sense" - directed by Jonathan Demme. Perhaps the best concert movie ever. Never gets dull.

It's kinda refreshing to watch the girls (dancers and Tina) without blatant skin showing everywhere - They're still sexy though . ..

Anonymous said...

um, tina weymouth is an excellent musician.
but you meant that tongue in cheek right?

Thud said...

Tina Weymouth invited my teenage sister to see a very early gig here in britain when she discovered via me she was an early fan...a nice touch regardless of skill.