Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I'm New To Maine, So I Hesitate To Offer Criticism, But Man Are The Horses Ugly Around Here


lorraine said...

Sorry you are subject to such homely horses. Maybe if you could clip their ears and put a mane and tail on them it would improve the look. In the meantime just close your eyes when they walk by (unless they are crossing the road in front of you - they look slow and could do some damage to your vehicle if you hit one.

Retriever said...

Did you get that clip? We had a humonguous moose in the bottom of our field up north a year ago. We think it was after the huge crop of toadstools growing there. I had visions of Babar's father perishing, but never fear, our fearless ugly rescue mutt chased it away furiously. Maybe moose are immune to the alkaloids in toadstools? Or crave them? Or he wanted to get high on them?