Sunday, June 06, 2010

Man, The Sixties Were A Blast Until The Hippies Showed Up. Man

Let's go down to the beach and get gassed!


vanderleun said...

Registration on the steering column in that slide in form clipper with the wrap around springs. That's what I'm talking about.

Rob De Witt said...

You got it right the first time....

The sixties were, in fact, a gas until the hippies showed up.


Johnny Glendale said...

50 years! Nicholson's getting up there with Miles for all-time, long-time coolest (although, having defined it, nobody beats Miles at cool). Keith Richards might forever be a distant third.

H. Gillham said...

I just loved the title ... the video made me a little embarrassed -- kind of like watching my daddy dance.


DBC Reed said...

The Hippies are already in evidence
here,especially on the soundtrack.As a drummer during this transitional era, I would point to the congas as the thin end of their floppy wedge. And the beginning of the end of proper R'n'R. (Bongoes OK especially as played by Preston Epps because you can hardly hear him above/below the authentic rock and roll racket from other musos.)
To clinch my case : flutes.Flutes and congas = pretentious with no heavy off-beat and bass-drum on every single beat.With onset of flutes the way opens to Jethro Tull .
Also there is something of the up- themselves rich kids about this clip that was accentuated by hippies.The cars are n't cheap.At least in hippy era you could be cool without any money. But there was always a class difference between rich hippies who did n't have to work and those who had to make money.Often by playing silly instruments to accompany working- class songs.Benny Hill joke from era: "He's one of these beatniks.Lies in bed all day singing work songs".