Saturday, February 13, 2010


There's only three kinds of people in this world.


Rob De Witt said...


Another in an exquisite line of posts. With all due respect, however, I would propose a 4th for your consideration: Glenn Gould, The Which Than Which There Is No Whicher.

The glory of humanity that is J.S. Bach, transmitted by his greatest interpreter. Plus it boogies like a bitch.

Happy Valentine's Day, old guy.

Jewel said...

Ah Rob, we circulate among the best blogs, don't we? I used to agree with you about Glenn Gould and Bach, until I heard Murray Perahia play the English Concerto No.2

Rob De Witt said...

Gentle Jewel,

Well, as a wise man once said to me, "That's why they make vanilla and chocolate, Rob."

Gould (and Bach, natch) had an unalterable effect on me as a young man, and have informed my every attempt at everything from Bach arias to Bluegrass. My gratitude for being alive during Gould's life, and the subsequent ascendance of early music as an arguable result, will go with me from here on out.

Perahia is wonderful, no doubt; still, the very person of Glenn Gould is sufficient cause, for me, for consideration regarding the channeling of God by humans.

Your mileage is entitled, etc.