Thursday, February 25, 2010

Lip-Synching This Song Is Like Buying Flowers For Your Sex Doll

Maybe not. Maybe buying premium gas for a rental car. No, that's not it. Anyway, why is the Enzyte guy yelling at us with an orchestra? I dunno.

The video got truncated in editing. In the original, at the very end, the guy unhinges his jaw and eats a live capybara whole.


Tom said...

"You vill LAUGH... you vill SING!!" Wow... that's was freakin' weird. It is so obvious why the USSR collapsed. The people just couldn't take it anymore, and they certainly had to question authority as they sat at home watching this stuff. I think it was entirely appropriate that the segment opens with 20 seconds of bad crazy LSD patterns, because this trip was heading off to no place good.

Phil said...

Could you imagine if an alien spaceship had swung through the atmosphere and picked up this signal during a probe for intelligent life? It's no wonder we haven't been discovered. Vodka-soaked performances like this will continue to keep potential intergalaxian visitors "moving right along".
Thanks. Thanks a lot.

wiping off hurl from his shoes, in Va Beach

Arlan said...

I got another one for ya.

Can be found on YouTube under "Russian Singer", if the link does not come through. Goes by Vitas.

Jim - PRS said...

I liked the lyrics, but I didn't like the words. I'll give it a seven, Dick.

Arkadiy said...

Yes, but consider the alternative:

Anonymous said...

nice post. thanks.

Sam L. said...

Looks like a young Michael Palin from Monty Python.