Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Spanking The Plank

Thanks, Overthetrail, for sending that along.


Rob De Witt said...

The last 45 years or so has seen an explosion of hot pickers in the world, but there's something about Doc's time that is still the freshest. He starts playing and the whole room just lifts off the ground about a quarter inch.

Mmmm. mmmm, mmmm.

Jocko said...

As much as I love Doc Watson, the great Norman Blake remains the finest flat-picker I have ever heard. Look him up on Youtube, especially Randall Collins and Done Gone.

Rob De Witt said...


I certainly don't wanna get into "the greatest" discussion, particularly in light of the above observation about the explosion of hot pickers in the last 40 years.

Clarence White, Tony Rice and their followers (Bryan Sutton, etalii) have completely redefined the guitar, imo - and I like Norman well enough, but Doc has always had that undefinable lift in everything he does that has yet to be equaled. It's got something to do with being able to hear that thumb-style bounce even when he's playing fiddle tunes, and particularly in his backup (as in this video.)

But there's definitely something for everybody these days - and like an old friend used to say, "That's why they make vanilla and chocolate."