Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Quincy Market (Election Day)

-Gimme a pack a luckies and a Traveler, Sonny.

-Sure thing, Tom.

-Weather ain't cooperatin'.

-Sit on the bench over there and read the paper. I'll make joe. No sense tryin' to drive west in the snow.

-I'll see if the thieves in the State House are robbin' me or botherin' me today.

-If that's all they're doin', they must be sleepin' in.

-It's good we got a Catholic in the corner office for an accomplice, anyway. The Curley ain't Robin Hood, but he'll do. Got my brother a job on the highway.

-I heard about that highway. Fell in, didn't it?

-The man's got the gift, he does, you've got to give it to him. They shoved their snoots and pencils in his face and said: The overpass collapsed, and your friend built it. What do you got to say about that...

-Oh, they'll have to try harder than that...

-As God is my witness, Sonny, he says: "It was an injudicious mixture of sand and cement." And the damn fool reporter just writes it down!

-What does he care what he puts in his paper? I'd rather read the Blarney, anyway. More interesting than the truth.

-And truer than the truth, maybe.


-God, I lived in the City when The Curley was mayor. What a scream. The Great War breaks out and a Britisher comes and calls at the City Hall and asks for permission to try and enlist Bostonians of British descent to fight the Kaiser.

-And The Curley?

-"Go ahead; take every damn one of them."


HappyAcres said...

I don't need to read anything else today.

lorraine said...

ditto. 'cept the bsbfb. lorraine

NKVD said...

Good to see Muffler Man is still standing guard.

Change his last name to Brown.