Wednesday, January 20, 2010

First The Snooze Alarm, Then The Cup Of Coffee

Pilgram? Yikes, no one can spell anything anymore.

Clarence and Roland White. Reader and commenter Rob de Witt sent this one along, and he has the thanks of a small portion of a grateful nation. So he's got that going for him.


Rob De Witt said...

Thanks for putting that up...

You might be interested to know that the White brothers grew up in Maine, where the family name was LeBlanc. They moved to LA in 1954, where the brothers' band The Three Little Country Boys (with Eric on bass) became The Kentucky Colonels. Roland is still at it

I am a pilgrim and a stranger,
Traveling through this wearisome land.
I've got a home in yonder city,
And it's not (oh Lord, it's not)
Not made by hand.

Anonymous said...

Pilgram!? Around 1931 it was writ that a civilized person of English or European culture could easily get along anywhere with his 5,000 word language - unless they went up north where the cold wind blows and met the folks called Eskimo for the Eskimo had a language of 25,000 words, each with a precise meaning. The rest of us had four forms of a noun. The Greek had nine. The Eskimo had a thousand forms of one noun. Their verbs were even more complicated. It was writ that if the larger English and Euopean cultures had use of the Eskimo language, it would have promoted a far greater civilization at a far greater speed. Who knew? Someone in the last 20 yrs has suggested that we aren't evolving...we're devolving. I just don't know? PS Thanks for W. B. Yeats. Betty.