Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Nothing But Some Reverb

There used to be the same sense of excitement at a live musical performance as you'd find at a circus when the tightrope walker inched across the lonely strand of steel, high above the floor. There were people playing real instruments live, and really singing. They were there unaided, and they could falter, and it lent an air of danger to the proceedings. There was very little audio spackle you could apply to the sound. Even the records were usually just made like live recordings, just with more care and deliberation and no audience. It's really, really rare now. You have to go to the opera to hear people really sing, or maybe a barroom.

For the most part, the pop music big time has become a package with no seams, and there's no humanity in it anyway to let out. Oh well; I can always put on a Kraftwerk CD and hear it done properly in the modern fashion.


Anonymous said...

Of course you had to have REAL talent in the "old days"

Anonymous said...

Jimmy Ruffin...that song is absolutely one of the all-time best. Never get tired of listening to it.