Sunday, December 06, 2009

Mid Sixties. That Junior Walker Is Really Something, But Buddy And Stacey Need To Ditch That Lefty Guitar Player If They're Going To Make It Big


Andy said...

They must've known that there's no future for a man with an upside-down guitar.

Jim - PRS said...

I love to hear Junior Walker blow the horn. I checked out his lousy teeth in the video and it got me to wondering.

I played for years with a truly ass-kicking sax player. Before hooking up with us, he had played six nights a week and managed to make enough to raise six kids.

One day a dentist got a hold of him and pointed out how he really needed some major dental work. After the (very expensive) work was done, he showed me the results.

I noticed that the bottoms of his two front teeth were still worn looking and they angled up toward the center. I asked, "Why didn't you have the dentist cap those?"

"No way," he said. "That's where the horn fits."

teresa said...

I tried, I really tried to look for Jimmy, but I was just really distracted by those PANTS!

NKVD said...

Remarkable clips - thanks for posting them - Jimi was obscured, but Junior - holy schnike - that man could play! I would listen to him more but I turn it all the way up and my hearing is nearly gone, as is.