Monday, November 09, 2009

Time Marches On: These People Are Now All Anonymous Commenters On The Intertunnel

Poor Scott Joplin's corpse was disinterred and paraded around to sell every damn thing back then.


Lord Wellbourne said...

Is this for real? I totally like it, but can't remember ever hearing of it--and I was around when chess was invented.

SippicanCottage said...

Hi L.W.- I believe it's legit. I thought at first it might be a fake, but it checks out. I don't remember it either, and I was around back then, too.

Board games were really popular in the seventies, back when there was no hope to ever leave your house with money in your pocket to do anything. They would put anything with a set of dice in a box and sell it back then.

Deborah said...

I grew up in a church denomination that frowned on games that used dice to play. I bet they wouldn't have let us kids play with this either!

Bissage said...

I’m pretty sure I remember “Ballbuster” along with “Go to the Head of the Class” and “Gnip-Gnop” and “Trouble” and “Headache” from Saturday morning television. That’s not a boast. That’s a confession.

Re the Scott Joplin music, it was all because of the movie “The Sting.” Am I right?

I remember a music teacher named Mr. Reilly. That was grade school or middle school, once a week. He would play little bits of Ragtime stuff on the piano. He was in his late twenties, I guess, and it was very obvious he hated his job.

Some of my fellow students would bust his balls during class, but I never did.

That’s not a confession. That’s a boast.

Bissage said...

"Don't Break the Ice."

"Sole Survivor."

"Chop Suey."


All right, that's it, I've got to stop right now before I hurt myself.

See ya!

SippicanCottage said...

Hi Bissage- Yeah, The Sting blew up and got all over everything.

Chop Suey was a terrific game.