Thursday, November 19, 2009

It's Not A Shame About The Creedence

When a guy dresses like a farmer, only with leather pants and a figure skater's haircut, and he wants to serenade you through a guitar that sounds like it should be dogfighting in a SPAD, and it's plugged into Herman Munster's couch with a telephone cord, you best sit up and take notice, son.

Attention: Disregard the rhythm guitar player's left foot or you'll have a seizure.

Feel free to observe all of Hammurabi's limbs as he operates the drums, however.

Thank you,


Andy said...

Can't watchum videos at work. Bummer. Needed siezure to make it through work.

misterarthur said...

Creedence Clearwater Revival is where you and I part company, my friend. I just can't stand John Fogerty's voice.

Anonymous said...

Tuck and roll Kustom amps were bitchin' dee-lux. Had a buddy in HS that bought a set out of a pawn shop in Memphis. They were red w/silver metal flake. Looked like somebody lifted the interior out of a bass boat. Actually, I know of a few testicles I'd gladly trade for that Rickenbacker that John-boy is plunking on.....


Sam L. said...

So...who is that guy in the back? Seems to never change expression, not to be playing an instrument.

DBC Reed said...

Perhaps rhythm guitarist is trying to add what the drummer should be doing with his bass drum,playing all four beats.But the drummer is stamping on the floor too.Fogerty starts stamping along towards the end as well.Proper rock'n'roll though ,better than the Golliwogs which was I believe their former incarnation.