Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I Have No Idea Why These Are Wonderful

Chris Gilmour's cardboard creations, I mean. Guido Barterelli took a run at it on Gilmour's About page:
The work of Chris Gilmour provokes surprise and amazement beyond what could appear to be a mere process of reproduction. In returning to the value of making and strongly emphasising it, these works reveal a process of understanding that lets us see everyday reality with new awareness and appreciation. This practice avoids a withdrawal into the limbo of craft, and implies an intimate and profound quest towards the reason of things.

Hey, I'm in the limbo of craft. It's not that dreadful in here, Guido. And I've repaired Fiats before. Gilmour's cardboard version is a very close approximation of the original, materials included:
They're just marvelous, like women are. Let's not ruin them by understanding them.

Chris Gilmour


Anonymous said...

ed in texas
It's kind of like the 2 meter long scale model of the Golden Gate bridge I saw, that a guy had made out of toothpicks (complete with the hillside bluffs at each end). It was impressive; you had to say 'wow'.
The best way to kill art is to over-analyze it.

Anonymous said...

I think it can become art when you're doing something in a way that transcends expectations. As much as I enjoy it, my knitting is intermediate-level craft. But my graphic design is sometimes art.
- spencer in sb

Daphne said...

They are wonderful because... I don't exactly know why either, but they are exquisite in their precision and imaginative use of a plain material. He obviously poured a large amount of thought and passion into their creation.

I think they're delightful.