Sunday, November 01, 2009

Got Grackle?

(I have, over the years, been instructed by several well-meaning persons to put a bell on our housecat, lest he wipe out the bird population in my yard and thereby send the Eastern Seaboard into an ecological tailspin. People who have never been out of doors in the daytime have some interesting ideas about the natural world. I took this picture out my den window a couple of years back)

If you get all your impressions of nature from the TV, you generally suffer from two delusions. Since the minute you turn on the tube the programs have the animals available, you might think wild animals are handy and doing something worthy of a closeup at all times. Conversely, you're informed that the entire earth has been paved over, and the only animals left on it are rarer than congressional wisdom.

Wrong on both counts, usually. If you live out in the sticks, you find the animals are all around, but they don't do much that's interesting most of the time. And just like people that live in Manhattan, the animals don't seem to mind living next door to a dumpster full of fish guts. They just don't bother calling it sashimi in Alaska.

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Anonymous said...

I stumbled onto you randomly when googling 'dumpster grackle'

I feel your pain. Apparently my neighbor thinks she's saving the wilderness by putting out bird food on her yard to entice the grackles that eat from the retail complex dumpsters across the street to come closer.

I'm waiting to see her walking in the midst of the flock singing something about whistling while you work or the hills being alive while trying to get one to pose artfully in her hair.

For now they're just roosting in my eves and pooping on the patio.

Someone needs to teach this gal the difference between songbirds and what you get when a crow is raised by pigeons.