Saturday, November 07, 2009


I'm ashamed of myself. No; really.

I kept waiting for some kind of commotion. Wild stunts to break out. The grocery bags would be placed and filled in some Lucy-workin'-at-the-chocolate-factory-at- warp-speed gymnastic exercise.

I thought the contestants would be insane. Mannerless monomaniac weirdos who had dedicated their lives to acting the fool to cadge attention at any cost. Face painters. Balloon boys.

At the end, I figured there'd be some battle royale with everyone going like Kalis on crack, smashing strange items into paper sacks and hurling every third one at each other. Then a congregation of nitpicking semi-celebrities, culled from a kind of gutter filled with the vomit of barely-know-their-name fame, would choose a winner based on which one was least likely to take their jobs.

I apologize unreservedly. I forgot there are places still left in the world where honest effort and manners is neither sneered at when displayed nor held back as a pointless posture of rebellion.

We should consider going back to humiliating entertainers for our amusement and exalting productive citizens for our edification. The approach built our world, and everything in it, once.


Joan of Argghh! said...

I could never have appreciated this on the level you present except that recent misfortune has brought me to this exalted profession.

I am fortunate to work among a group of men and women who truly enjoy their work and their customers.

But then, it's an alcohol wonderland of a supermarket, so folks are in a festive mood, mostly!

Lord Wellbourne said...

I wish we had such competitions here to do what the chairman says will be the result of their contest. There was a time when being a cashier, stock-person, or wait person were noble professions and not the butt of jokes about bottom feeders. (I can't believe I just used the word butt and bottom feeders in the same sentence--well, actually, I can) In a way I'm kinda glad the economy has taken a dip. The jobs that were so abhorrent to many have become the difference between having a roof and homelessness. It's a reinforcement for the folks we generally never give a second thought to.

SippicanCottage said...

Dignity is internal.