Sunday, September 27, 2009

When All The Pants Were Drapes, And All The Instruments And Microphones Were Plugged In And Turned On


Jim - PRS said...

Loved the instantly recognizable Hammond B-3 with the Leslie speaker in the Four Tops tune. Great sound, but not fun to move.

Bissage said...

Thank you for both those videos, Sipp.

The Tower of Power one, especially, reminded me of the days when people could drag me to a disco.

I was terrified to dance. Very self-conscious.

After enough insistence, some girl would eventually get me out on the dance floor, if I’d had enough to drink.

Desperate, I’d single out one of the black guys and keep my eye on him. I’d try my best to do whatever it was he was doing, confident no one could possibly tell the similarity.

Worked well enough, but it never felt right.