Tuesday, September 01, 2009

We Are Far From Wisdom - And Further Yet From Sadness

The world's kicked me to the curb so many times in the last couple years, it's getting almost comical. But we laugh most every day, come what may. You see, I'm smarter than most people. I made my mistress and my wife the same person.

I understand your distress,
Dear lover,
And I yield to your wishes
Make me your mistress.
We are far from wisdom
And further yet from sadness.
I long only for the precious moment
When we will be happy.
Je te veux (I want you).

I have no regrets
And only one desire
Near to you, close as can be
Living all my life
So that your body is mine
So that my lips are pressed by yours
So that your heart is mine
And that my body is pressed to yours.

Yes I can see in your eyes
The divine promise
That your heart is in love.
Come find my caresses
Entwined, forever
Burning the same flames.
In a dream of love
We will exchange our souls.


Gagdad Bob said...

and a night that's full of soul / with light in my head / and you in my arms -- Fisherman's Blues

SippicanCottage said...

G. Bob- Most excellent.

I think those fellows have heard of Bobby Zimmerman.

Just a guess.

Ruth Anne Adams said...

Silly. She made you her Sugar Daddy.

Beach Head said...

You too?

Laughter is unavoidable around here. Lucky for me, my bride thought I was funny the first day. I got it from my Dad. It becomes a language. I think this is one of the best gifts you can give your kids. To let them see you laugh all the time with your wife. I see a lot of stiff people out there. Couples.

Jean said...

You are both beautifully blessed.

lorraine said...

I asked my daughter in law to be what she saw in my son that she thought he was the one - answer -"he always makes me laugh". I knew they would make it. I have watched with joy as they have grown together and had children of their own that are funny and laugh too. My D-I-L is the greatest at a quip and keeps him on his toes. It is the best cement a relationship can have - don't ya think? lorraine