Thursday, September 10, 2009


He worked all summer and saved his money and bought himself a guitar and amplifier. His dad and uncle gave him a couple lessons, but he mostly taught himself to play by watching YouTube videos.

The only advice I gave him was to learn songs all the way through, and not spend all his time noodling away at heroic guitar solos no one wants to hear. It's why he can annoy the neighbors along with the old men right away.

(If you read the Instapundit every day, you'd have been informed that you could buy a Flip video camera for $49, and thereby have a video like this instead of bupkis)


Anwyn said...

That was awesome.

Excuse the anti-parental-comfort comment, but he'll have girls walking over one another to reach him in a few years. :)

Hazy Dave said...

@Anwyn: Maybe the smart ones. Especially if "a dozen years" counts as "a few years". Or maybe not. It only takes one, after all.

But besides all that, I wanted to bring this video to your attention. Me, I spent several unplanned hours over Labor Day weekend on a ladder replacing part of a dryrotted window frame with some crap I found in the basement...

As for the music - yeah! Badfinger Forever.

SippicanCottage said...

Anwyn- It took almost half an hour after we stopped playing for that to happen.

Hazy- Great video. Dude's hardcore.

As for Badfinger, he can play Baby Blue and Day After Day, too.

Anonymous said...

What are bupkis? Are they those Polish dumpling things?

Apis Melliflora said...

He's got this intense look that goes with his guitar name.

Janet Ursel said...

Personally, I like the perpetual grin on Dad's face. Says it all.

Ruth Anne Adams said...

Never buy another beer again.

The best lifestyle and longevity is in Country music. Happy guys, married to total babes. Richer than Rockefeller.

Bissage said...


(Like the room a lot, too.)

Good for him and everyone else!