Saturday, September 05, 2009

Archie Tecter Is Alive And Well And Living In Chatham (From 2006)

(If you're just stumbling in, it's Chatham, Massachusetts I'm referring to.)

(It's on Cape Cod, which is only technically Massachusetts. Live over the bridge and you're a different sort of person altogether.)

(If you drive through Chatham at dusk, you can often see foxes trotting right down the middle of the road. Scarlet jacket optional.)

(Half Cape with wart and pickets, garnished with arbor vitae and served with sea air reduction.)

( It says here in my Archy Tecter fer Dummies book that someone called Italian Nate musta lived here, along with a Greek feller. It's a Mediterranean thing: you wouldn't understand.)

(I don't know who lives here, but they have more money than me. And you. And you and me. And you, you, and you, and me and you. And you over there and me.)

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dick said...

The only one I would want to live in would be the half cape. Looks really neat.