Sunday, July 26, 2009

Watching The King Family On TV

Hey, wanna watch the King Family on television?

AW HELLS NO!!!11!1!!1! Not that King Family!

There was a King family back in the sixties, although they weren't related. Albert King, Freddie King, and BB King. BB outlasted the others, so everyone knows him, but it was Albert that adumbrated an entire style of playing. Hendrix and Clapton and Stevie Ray and dozens more in their turn worshipped at the altar of Albert King.

Freddie King, too, to a lesser extent. When I hear Clapton or Jimmy Vaughan, I hear Freddie first and foremost. But Freddie's dead, since 1976, and everyone's mostly forgotten about him.

Here's Freddie with his biggest hit on The Beat in 1966. The emcee places an unfortunate pause in his introduction while he mentions Dallas, JFK, and shooting. Smooth sailing after that.


Gagdad Bob said...

Oh my yes, one of the inventors of the Texas guitar sound. A huge influence on SRV, and you can also hear him in early Clapton, with the Yardbirds. Both men covered his hit Hideaway. Here's Stevie doing it.

teresa said...

I loved that - the music, the colors, the hair,the smarmy emcee. Wish I had one of them steampunk time machines.
I guess youtube'll have to do.

Phil said...

Is that a pompadour Mr. King is sporting? I mean, if you are gonna bust it out like that, you should have a pompadour or maybe even a ducktail. You now, something that takes a quart of pomade to keep it layed down.

Good post Sip!

Phil at the beach

NKVD said...

He played that Gibson very well. It is a shame that he died so long ago - he was a remarkable musician. And, he doesn't grimace like B B King - that gets really tiresome - dude, you have been playing the same song for 50 years now - you really should be able to play a note without making a face. Truly.

Anyway, Freddie was the man. And when was the last time we saw hair conked like that, eh? Very impressive.