Sunday, July 19, 2009

Mi Dispiace

I do believe I defamed Country Music in my Bass Lessons blogpost a coupla days ago.

After further reflection, I realized that I was too harsh and dismissive. The genre produced Doctor Hook and the Medicine Show, after all.

It always helps to have two escaped Bigfoots in your band. If the audience gets rowdy, you're unlikely to lose another eye in the fracas.


Gagdad Bob said...

Wow. I actually saw Doctor Hook & the Medicine Show live. They were the opening act for Sparks, who I liked at the time. That had to be the most surreal musical juxtaposition since Hendrix opened for the Monkees in 1966. The audience was amazingly hostile, but they seemed to revel in it. If memory serves, they were booed off the stage, except that they refused to leave, even subjecting the audience to an extended, full-on weeping version of Sylvia's Mother for an encore.

Gagdad Bob said...

... also, who would believe that these unwashed ruffians once graced the cover of the soft-core homosexual porn rag, Rolling Stone?

Beretta said...

I saw them in the early '70s at
the Paramount in Aurora,IL.
They opened for Styx.

Amy Byrd said...

Another time you might have been too harsh.... You might appreciate these short memoirs from Discarded Lies:

NKVD said...

One cannot escape the reach of Shel Silverstein, apparently.

Did those guys notice that they weren't as funny or clever as they thought they were? Just one more reason to say no to drugs.