Monday, July 20, 2009

The Inches We Need Are All Around Us

When an old Italian man wearing capri pants tells you to do something, you do it.

There's an endless loop of Vince Lombardi playing in my head when I work. Try it; it gets results:


Ruth Anne Adams said...

What a swarthy demi-god from the shrine of Curly Lambeau.

Did I ever tell you my sister and brother-in-law own four pieces of cement at Lambeau Field? My father waited on the list for 30+ years for that opening and they took it when his number finally came up.

Guess you could call that a non-rhythmic cadence.

westsoundmodern said...

When I did my time at the boatyard there was a seemingly endless supply of footloose young men who said they wanted to become shipwrights. The journeymen would hire them, promising to teach them everything about working with wood, and then set them to the task of keeping the slicks and chisels sharpened. If they so much as glanced at a plank or a rib the first three months they were fired.
The ones that learned how to keep their tools, kept their jobs.

NKVD said...

What the hell is goin' on out here?

I used to work for a boss from the Lombardi school of management. He was gruff, but a good boss, all in all.

The shipwright apprentiship sounds like the Japanese way of teaching carpentry.

In my shop I have a saying - there are only stupid questions. Quit talking, keep watching.

Thud said...

Sipp...I have been a Packers fan for 25 years now,do you have any idea what a lonely furrow that is to plough here in merry old England.