Sunday, June 07, 2009

Fresh Out Of Advice

We attended a party for our niece's graduation yesterday. They had a band perform. They were maybe 21 years old. They all play their instruments better than I ever did. They had the look of dishevelment that takes more time in the bathroom with sprays and unguents than my sister ever took to leave the house when I was young. They were completely indifferent to the need to entertain the audience. They were so self-absorbed I was wondering if they even care what each other is doing, never mind the audience. The average nascent rock band inflicts themselves on any captive audience they can find.

When they were done, their father carried their stuff out.

My junior-high vintage son works in the shop sometimes. He saved his money for a long time and bought a guitar and amplifier. He teaches himself guitar by watching videos on the Intertunnel.

I have little advice for my son about this topic. I would advise him, if he asked, that for a while, if he actually tries to entertain the audience in front of him, disinterested in rigid boundaries of what's trendy, he will be ridiculed by the self-absorbed cool kids. Eventually, the cool kids' girlfriends will wave to them from the passenger seat of your car.

The back seat will be filled with money.

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Ruth Anne Adams said...

Same advice, country version.

These guys are both married to gorgeous actresses, fathers to little babies and, seemingly, happy as clams.