Saturday, February 07, 2009

Un Regalo

People are given gifts. They squander them, mostly. The recipients think they are immortal, and other gifts will simply climb through the window and sit in your lap-- after they knock, no one answers, and they jiggle the doorknob.

There were many people justly famous for singing in the seventies. I can't bear to hear them now. Some immediately became clowns. But even the others, that fought father time more wisely, mostly try to spackle their performances together from the remaining wreckage of their gifts, and it makes me sad to hear it. At least Van Morrison knew he couldn't sing much in the first place and gave some thought to singing as an old man. But the world already has one John Lee Hooker. The rest of them just got loaded and yelled until they were left croaking elevator music for a living, or spilling out of their spandex in a theater next to a casino.

Everyone gets gifts, just not all so obvious and noteworthy. What are you doing with your gifts? They go stale after a while, whether you use them or not. Use them, now, and wisely. Regret is a terrible thing.


Thud said...

Rod the mod has worn it well indeed.

Janet said...

You seem to be doing OK in that department.

I'm working on it. ;o)

Anonymous said...

I figured I would just put the music on as background, while I read what you had to say, but then the look on Rod Stewart's face captivated me, and I ended up watching the video twice. He was just having so much fun, it was fun to watch. Makes me want to view videos of others when they were just beginning to hit it big.

SippicanCottage said...

Thud- He wore it out.

Janet is making a pleasant mistake.

Anonymous is very right. It's plain fun.

You guys remember fun, doncha?

Tom Jones' Prison Beeyatch said...
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Tom Jones' Prison Beeyatch said...

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Here's the right one: