Saturday, October 25, 2008

Someone Had To Be The Beatles After The Beatles Lost Interest In Being The Beatles

Paul 2.0 got the upper hand, John Lennon 2.0 just croaks in his midlevel monotone harmony as usual, Ringo 2.0 is taller and less jovial; but in a million zillion years George Harrison 1.0 could never learn to play the guitar like that.


misterarthur said...

I've always been mystified why Squeeze weren't more popular. I am completely unqualified at building anything, but it's eerie how our tastes in many things parallel each other.

Ron said...

Sippican, your coolness is aging like fine wine...these are your vintage blog posting days!

Verification word: "tanglest"

SippicanCottage said...

I see the Michigan crew is here.

We murmur over our pop prayer beads, bestowing Squeeze benison on everyone.

Thud said...

They are hnowever to blame for jools Holland!

Bissage said...

In the original video, Glenn Tilbrook plays a Yamaha SBG-2100.

I had the exact same model, even the same color, but it didn’t sound anything like the recording. Heck, it wouldn’t even play the same notes in the same order.

The guy at the repair shop told me there was nothing wrong with it.

He said there was no charge. Not even for putting it on the bench. I think he felt kind of sorry for me.

I still have that guitar. It’s down in the basement. In its case. On a shelf. All alone.