Thursday, October 09, 2008

It's Over (Reprised from 2006)

It's over.

My wife and I finally looked at each other, and there was nothing left to say. We'd been living a lie all these many years. The thing we thought we had was a chimera. It existed only because we never examined it; to inspect it was to instantly disabuse ourselves of the illusion. We needed a clean break.

We went through the motions for a decade now, pretending everything was okay, but always knowing in our heart of hearts that it had started out defective -- and then become shabby; tawdry even. The years had not diminished that suspicion; it only grew. The calendar was the enemy, inexorably pushing us toward our awful, cataclysmic decision. Some barren things become picturesque with time; the most austere patch of ground can adumbrate the most marvelous jumble of life in the garden, for instance; just a little attention and the riffling of the calendar can bring forth a bounty. All the time in the world couldn't save us. We know that now.

And so, despite the two children that sleep blissfully unaware down the hall, and the huge dislocation it would cause them, and all the time and effort we had sunk into the thing, trying to make what was wrong right- trying to cobble together the happiness of wedded bliss in the squalor of the situation we had conjured, we made our fateful decision:

Our bedroom would have to be painted. There was no way around it.


Ruth Anne Adams said...

Daggum it! I fell for it AGAIN!

Andy said...

Oh, lemme guess...

A nice powder-blue and chocolate color scheme? It's all the rage, you know.

Janet said...

LOL Andy. You know how to punch his buttons, don't you?

Ruth Anne, aren't you ashamed? You should know Greg better than that. ;oD But really, I like people like you. My repertoire of jokes is very limited, and I love people who don't remember them from last time.

Scherzo said...

The red only looks pink til it dries, no real need for a primer. Just sayin' is all.

Ruth Anne Adams said...

I once was a groupie of a stand-up comic in Chicago and I would laugh all the time at his show, even though I'd seen the set dozens of times. I have kind of a solid, take-no-prisoners laugh that lets people know it's o.k. to twitter. The other comics didn't mind me being a plant in the audience, either, because I knew their sets, too, and still laughed.

I have a pretty good memory for the Cottages, though. Just watch him cite an obscure Cary Grant movie in the next installment and a Patriots game, and the perfect placement for a red chair.

SippicanCottage said...

Ruth Anne- You have an eye for remembering details.

I told a story in a humorous way. That's different than a joke. A story told in a humorous way can be revisited and enjoyed.

Andy- Heh.

BTW, I try to make people understand that when I give my opinion on what people shouldn't do with their homes, it's not my appraisal that I don't like it,( I don't, but so what?) but that they shouldn't paint their house brown and blue because I know from experience that they won't like it.

I pay close attention to such things, and I always see the leading edge, and the glitterati have already changed to pink and brown, and the blue is turning green: Oops, tile is permanent and expensive.
I can see the remodel shows now: You just put in $20,000 worth of powder blue and turd brown? We'll show you how to rip that out after the break...

Ruth Anne Adams said...

Pink and brown is really just neopolitan ice cream, though, isn't it? That green is really just mint chocolate chip.

Dang. I'm gettin' some ice cream.

Eric said...

Behr California poppy red. Took two under coats and 3 top coats though.

With semigloss white trim.

And black velvet drapes.

It wasn't my idea.