Thursday, October 16, 2008

Big Yellow Taxi

I once had a real job. I routinely scrawled my name at the bottom of documents with vapor trails of zeroes on the numbers. People worked for me I'd never met. I flew on planes to work fairly regularly.

This never happened once then. I was a failure.


Gerard said...

Okay, that's it. Put a yurt in the back yard. I'm moving in.

Scherzo said...

It is a pleasure to live in the quadrant of a great big country which actually has 4 seasons. I used to live on a parcel of land (Northern Montana) that had a few seasons, mostly the Ice Crusted and the Giant Blood-Sucking Skeeter Infestation season. We knew fall was in the air, sometime on September 1st, when the leaf would fall off the only deciduous tree around and then we would be hit with the hellish blast of the Second Day of September Snow. I should go find a picture in my picture box of that day and post it so that you would know I ain't lyin'.

Thud said...

I like the promises good things.