Sunday, August 03, 2008

Sometimes You Get The Urge For Something From An Island South Of Rhode Island

Don't let the full-on blast of Shirley Bassey put you off. It gets the lilt going pretty quick after she's done eating the scenery and spitting it out at flight-deck volume.

I Can See Clearly Now got its resurrection in the soundtrack for Grosse Pointe Blank -- which come to think of it is getting old enough for a resurrection itself. There's been four hundred "Hitman with a heart of gold" movies made since, none so amusing.

Johnny Nash was a wonderful singer. Enjoy. It is a wonderful world, after all.


misterarthur said...

Dear Mr. Sippican. What a great song. I must point out, as a resident, that it is Grosse Pointe, not Gross Pointe. Best, and once again, I'll go on record stating that you have a splendid blog.

SippicanCottage said...

Hi Mister Arthur- Thanks. An egregious typo, now fixed.