Thursday, August 21, 2008

Obsessed About The Sandwich Situation

Oh, hai.

Who wants more pictures of the Sandwich Heritage Museum? I don't care, I have them and I'm going to post them anyway.

The place has lots of interest in what they term "Colonial Gardening." That's a sketchy term, sort of like a "Colonial Bathroom" motif. Real colonists grew stuff and ate it for the most part. It was the Victorians that went crazy for cultivars to gape at. There are no parterres at SHM, and nothing is grown to eat, but the plantings are in keeping with the structures for most part. The gatehouse/gift shop has what used to be a ubiquitous New England house: weathered shingles, bow roof, heavy frames at openings, divided windows with real muntins and panes of glass, vertical board sheathed addition, garden bench, attic room hot as hell.
The best part of good landscaping is moving in and out of shadow and light, and looking from one into another. Dappled sunlight is good for the soul.

That's a windmill that was dragged from way out on Cape Cod to be displayed here. It was padlocked, but we've been inside before. It's amazing how little of anything inside is made from any sort of metal. All the gears and wheels are made from white oak. Hard as Calculus, but more useful over time.

Here's the front. I painted the sky that color to make it more interesting for you, the viewer. Of course the sky is never that beautiful in actual nature.

A carousel is an entirely underrated piece of amusement. Eventhe old folks can sit on the benches in the chariots and go round and round if they're too big for the horses.

I know the lion roaring is supposed to come first. Sorry. There's a collection of venerable animals from carousels on display. They're much more whimsical and interesting than the horse we're all used to. There was the rabbit at the top of the page, this lion, a frog, a zebra, an ostrich, a pig, a stag, and a few others. Of course, I inspected their glass eyes most carefully to see if they were up to my old, exacting glass eye standards.


vanderleun said...

Just put down the camera and STEP AWAY from the Cape Cod.

Ruth Anne Adams said...

Good to see that the boy is not borderline sociopathic and actually wears the safety harness.

Anonymous said...

Some of us like pictures of Sandwich, and we love carousels even more.

SippicanCottage said...

Gerard- I should, but I'm in denial. Denial is a river near the canal.

Ruth Anne- I think it actually adds to his sense of derring-do to have it on. Lashing himself to the mast, I guess.

Hi gyoung. Thanks for reading and commenting.