Saturday, August 02, 2008

L7, Man

When I was a teenager nothing could have been squarer than this. I hated everything about this crap. I got a rash just hearing Nelson Riddle-sounding things. I hated the cultural references they used, and the whole Rat Pack Vegas ethos. I hated that they consorted with gangsters for the frisson of the company of powerful men. I hated their clothes and mocked their toupees. I wouldn't drink amber liquor because they did.

It's awesome, isn't it?


Anonymous said...

I clicked the Go Button, and got the message "This video no longer available."

That fh in the word verification was hard to figure out.

SippicanCottage said...

Hi anonymous- Thanks for reading and commenting.

I'm not sure what the problem might be. I can watch the video using both firefox and internet explorer, so I know the video is still available. Try again and see how you do.

I hate the need for word verification, but the amount of comment spam I got when I had it disabled was terrible. The Internet's a zoo.

Ruth Anne Adams said...

It was the song used to roll credits on "Finding Nemo." We all sing it out as a family in the car.

And we are pictured in the dictionary under "square."

dick said...

Love his voice - he was so talented and died so young - shame he did not live longer

Mark Daniels said...

Bobby D could be sort of lounge lizardish. But in his way, by turning from the Splish Splash stuff toward being a crooner, he was as countercultural as that other Bobby D, Dylan. After all, his fan base would have expected him to keep being Fabian. He wanted to be Sinatra. While he didn't have the voice that Sinatra had, Darin was wonderful. And unlike Frank, who was a generation his senior, Bobby could compose.

After the Keven Spacey biopic, my wife and I bought a greatest hits CD. Good stuff.

And yes, he died way too young.

Mark Daniels

PS: I was able to view the video just fine.

Sam L. said...

OK, it worked this time.

I saw Bobby in Vegas, probably in the early 70's--he was in his denim phase--and really enjoyed the show.

I understand that Trolls and jerks run rampant on the innertubbies; it's just that particular letter combo didn't work well for my failing eyes (I'd get them checked, but I prefer them dotted.) OK, my humor's failing too.

You're doing good stuff here. Some is excellent, some is truly amazing. Keep at it.