Friday, March 21, 2008

Well, I Can Die Happy Now

Lots of people read and comment and link to my blog from all over. I am grateful to everyone for wasting a little bit of their valuable time here in my little typing shop. But I can die happy now, for I have been mentioned on Manolo's Shoe Blog.

Caesar, Alexander, Napoleon? Pikers. I'm somebody now; it's official.

Manolo was so excited about the whole business that he spelled Sippican incorrectly. It matters not; I'd be excited too if I woke up every day being Manolo.

I left a message for the fabulous Manolo on his blog, which I copy for you here:

Yes indeed the Sippican Cottage is populated entirely by the admirers of the Manolo and his many minions! Though Sippican is only a poor furnituremaker, the wife of the Sippican is possessed of the feets of the female, and desires to adorn her lower limbs as Manolo directs! And the Sippican can only stand agog at the words of the Manolo, assembled with the care and love; truly the cobbler of the Shakespeare!

Sippican can die happy now, knowing he is indeed an acknowledged FOM –Friend of Manolo.

Bury me in my confirmation suit with the wing tips with the little dingles and the cookies for the flat feet!

I have only tried my hand at the feet once in my writing career. It's not Manolo, but I hope it's alright:

The Love That Dare Not Speak Its Name


Gerard said...

Oh, you are so easy.

The reason you don't have many shoes is that is so difficult to find ones that fit your round heels.

For your information, the Manolo resembles nobody so much as the Pillsbury Doughboy.

SippicanCottage said...

Heh. Of course I'm easy.

I find it hard to believe that the Manolo is not Super Fantastic! though. And you say Pillsbury like it's a bad thing.



Talking about women, expensive shoes, and nothing else!

It's all good here, my friend. All good.

Ruth Anne Adams said...

You've got the Reynolds in the morning and the Manolo at night...

I'm officially jealous.

Deborah said...

I received an email from the Manolo once. I think he secretly reads my blog, which is so fascinating not too many people can handle it, only 17 to be exact.

Rick Lee said...

Ha! I am very the most envious of the poor furniture maker!